Monday, May 25, 2009


May brought about lots of school activities. Noah had his band concert. Jake and Noah also had field day at school, along with the awards ceremony for school. Jake had perfect attendance this year, and both the boys earned the Presidential Fitness Award. Lydia and Jake also had Many soccer games! We finished up the school year at the end of the month and we are all looking forward to Summer vacation!!!! Trent also graduated from Grantsburg HS and will be heading off to UW Superior in the fall

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We spent Easter at Grandma Judy's House. Jill, Tom, Taylor, and Jordan were still in Mexico...we missed them! Great grandpa Henry was also able to make it. Thanks mom for all the great food!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Human Race

Noah, Jake, and Lydia ran their first official race at St. Thomas in March as a part of their St. Patrick's Day Human Race. Lydia ran 1/4 mile and the boys ran 1/2 mile. They all did great. Tom Tufano, Jim Sloan, and I all ran in the 8K race. I was very happy with my time considering I had not run much since cracking my rib tubing with the youth group!
I am slowly working my way back into the groove for Grandma's Marathon. I'm still a bit behind, but I will be ready as long as I can stay healthy and avoid injuries! I enjoyed running with Aunt Deb last weekend and we got in some COLD but quality runs! The temperature when we started out was 13 degrees! Where is spring?

Kindergarten Circus

Lydia was a balance beam walker in the kindergarten circus. The grandparents and Patty and Brody came to watch her first school program. For weeks we had heard the songs for the program sung over, and over, and over..... Lydia enjoyed being on stage!

Bowling with the Tufanos

We headed to Stars and Strikes in Wyoming, MN for a little bowling with Jill, Tom, Taylor, and Jordan on President's Day. We all had a great time, and we even threw a few strikes. However, I think we get better scores on the Wii when we bowl.

And three months later.....

I've really fallen behind on updating the blog. We spent a good portion of January and February following the 5th grade Hoops basketball team to tournaments. We trudged up to Hayward for one of the tournaments and we all decided that Hayward is much better in the summer than the winter (Hayward is where Deb's parents' cabin is located). Noah had a very good season and the team did better than we expected. Lydia and Jake spent some long Saturdays watching the games, and they were pretty good troopers! Lydia also took part in a volleyball camp and loved it! She was disappointed that Noah did not watch her practice since she went to ALL of his games : )
Noah also competed in the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest. He won the local competition, the area competition, and the region competition, to advance to the finals at the state championship level. Noah ended up finishing 5th at the state competition and we are very proud of him!
Jake had the opportunity to be a 'basketball buddy' with the PCHS varsity team. He sat by the bench with the 'big guys' and ate candy and drank pop during the game. The guys were great and treated him well!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

We rang in the New Year with the Tufanos by attending the Minnesota Wild game. The Wild won in overtime, but Jake and I missed the last goal - bathroom break! We spent the night at Jill and Tom's and all the kids made it until Midnight and Jill made some great Margaritas! The next morning we went for bagels and then hit the hills for some sliding at Taylor's school. We had a great time!